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Rift is a FTP (Free To Play) MMORPG (Massively Mutliplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that successfully mixes fantasy and science fiction from Trion Worlds, Inc. One of the many things a player can do in this video game is to create a 3-D “dimension” and visit guild and other player’s dimensions. If you are able to download Rift and log on, then you can jump right in at level 1 and see all the public dimensions for yourself.

Dimensions are an incredible way for gamers to express their creativity in a static space. The only movement you will find in a dimension is from an immobile item such as fire, water, windy pines, “falling green motes” or elevators. For this reason, dimensions alone are only able to tell a scene but not an entire story especially like one that you would find in a motion picture or a book. Instead, players create or recreate settings, scenes, landscapes, still lifes, or a captured moment in time much like a photograph; some of which occur in Telara (the world in which Rift takes place) and others more like something that you would see somewhere IRL (In Real Life). Lore is the background story of a game. It tells the player the history, stories or myths of the past. Some dimensions also incorporate lore and suggest alternative scenarios. Mood is also present in dimensions with lighting effects and music. The only limitations really are the player’s creativity and the availability of dimension items and locations.

Exploring a dimension whether guided (written or visually) or unguided gives the community a glimpse into their creator’s IRL personality – undeniably their intelligence and often their fantasies or interests, when we are often unable to meet their online character first. Sometimes they are spectacular places that inspire and awe, as well as gather like-minded individuals (which is a very important aspect of MMORPG’s) for interactive events whether RP (Role Playing) or PvP (Player versus Player — which I personally am so excited about and is relevant to my interests); while others are nothing more than glorified 2-D doodles. 

MMORPG players want to be a hero or heroine – and some actually are IRL. Trion is revolutionizing how we play video games with the introduction of the dynamics that we will see in PvP dimensions (although you will likely need a max level character to participate in these).  I look forward to the infinite possibilities and strategies to solve the problems of working together or solo toward a common goal (which ultimately in PvP is saving others on your team and defeating opposing players by using your abilities). Join us as we enter new worlds, traveling through space and time every time we press that "enter" button!

More information on Rift can be found here: http://www.riftgame.com/en/

WARNING: some dimensions will have “adult” themes.

~Caellia/Caelllia (@Deepwood) and Aloegel@Deepwood of "Godlike Awesomeness" guild.